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Al Marasem International for Development was established in Egypt in 1997. Since its inception, it has been on a mission to become one of Egypt’s largest contractors; one it has been extremely successful in fulfilling, cementing its status as one of the major players in Egypt’s real estate sector. To date, its track record includes a number of mega projects that have contributed to the overall growth of the local market. The company’s expertise is clearly reflected in the activities and projects it launched in Egypt over the past 23 years, during which the company conducted extensive market research to efficiently guide it in its quest to provide a range of projects and services that best suit the diverse needs of the Egyptian market. The company has implemented a variety of outstanding projects for the public and private sectors which include airports, residential developments, hotels, transportation, bridges, roads and electromechanical projects, in addition to the management and operation of several projects and airports. As a result, Al Marasem has been classified as a category one contractor in these specific areas by the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors. The company’s team, which includes some of the field’s finest expertise, successfully implemented vital projects in record times, while adhering to the highest quality standards and fully meeting the expectations of its government and private sector clients.

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Fifth Square Mall

Fifth Square Mall .. The New Destination
Al Marasem Development is introducing Fifth square Mall which provides unparalleled retail mix combined with world-class dining, entertainment and leisure attractions inside Fifth Square compound – Golden Square Area – New Cairo

مشروع النهر الأخضر

أصدرت هيئة المجتمعات العمرانية أمر أسناد بقيمة 860 مليون جنيه لشركة المراسم الدولية للتطوير العمرانى لتطوير 100 فدان بمشروع الحديقة المركزية للعاصمة الادارية ( النهر الاخضر ) وذلك يمثل المرحلة الأولى لنطاق الأعمال المسندة لشركة المراسم الدولية للتطوير العمرانى والبالغة 212 فدان وبذلك يصبح إجمالى الأعمال المسندة من هيئة المجتمعات العمرانية لشركة المراسم الدولية للتطوير العمرانى فى العاصمة الادارية مايربو عن 15 مليار جنية.

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  • Fifth Square Apartments
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252 North 90 St, Fifth Settlement - NEW CAIRO - EGYPT

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